Vision of the Future  May 13, 2007 - July 13, 2007

Contest Completed


Most Likely to Come True - [writing deleted]
Most Bizzare - [writing deleted]
Most Optimistic - [writing deleted]
Best All Around - Rooftops


Some of my favorite stories are people's visions of the future. I like reading or seeing people's ideas of the future. I challenge you to write a story about your vision of the future no matter how far fetched it may sound.

Here are the ground rules.
1. The story needs to be 5,000 words or less
2. The story needs to be set at least fifty years in the future


$0.00, A medal to show off on your stats pate


Katie B
Katie B
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, OH


Created May 13, 2007

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