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With Halloween coming up, I feel it's time to start reaching into the darkest part of our creativity and bring out something spooky, creepy, terrifying, thrilling, etc. Take a look at this link:

Now it's time to begin writing. You wake up here with no idea about the events of the last 15 hours. It is clear this is no summer home and survival means getting out. Write about what you go through to get out and back to the civilized (or uncivilized) world you know. What kind of things, creatures, etc do you encounter? Does your character start to remember little things that might help them figure out what happened? If they do figure it out, what do they plan to do when they get out? Or do they just spend the rest of their life wondering what happened? Try and make it a little more than just about surviving. That being said, to put a twist on things you don't have to survive...

What I'm looking for:
*Descriptions - put some good descriptions in, especially in regards to the setting. The picture is very mute and there are places we can't see, bring it to life for the reader. Use it to help set the tone.
*At least 1000 words
*No waking up at the end - this is happening for real no matter how much you wish it wasn't

I have it set up for me to make the final judgement, however, I want you to get people to review your work - members, friends, family, etc - doesn't matter. I will look at these reviews in helping make my decision. Also do your part and review your fellow contestants work as well. I suggest leaving your writing available to nonmembers and link your work to other sites, such as facebook, and getting people from there to leave some reviews.
Have fun and I look forward to reading all the posts!

Oh and I will try and have the winners announced by Halloween



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