Walked Away Again  April 7, 2012 - May 31, 2012

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First - The Liar and the Thief
Second - What May Come
Third - [writing deleted]
Fourth - Bye
Fifth - [writing deleted]
Sixth - [writing deleted]


I want to read your poems on leaving. Leaving is one of the most emotional parts of life, and it can mean so many different things. Write of saying goodbye, whether it's you or someone you love. Write of walking away, whether it is sad and full of hurt or long-overdue and liberating. Behind every farewell is a disastrously beautiful story. I want to feel the footsteps as they fade away.

If you want, listen to "The Leaving Song" by AFI:

AFI - The Leaving Song

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AFI - The Leaving Song Pt. II

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