Wanting Answers....  June 21, 2007 - April 15, 2008

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Answer me First - Unanswered Questions
Answer me Second - [writing deleted]
Answer me third - I Wonder ...
Answer me fourth - What Would I Give?
Answer me fifth - The Forgotten One
Answer me sixth - [writing deleted]
Answer me seventh - My Story
Answer me eighth - Answer Me!
Answer me ninth - The Question
Answer me tenth - Dreams
Answer me eleven - A Day\'s work on Life
Answer me twelve - The Politician
Answer me thirteen - [writing deleted]
Answer me fourteen - SNIT


Do you have questions on situations you have had in life, questions to ask people, ask questions of the world, do you just want answers? Then why not ask them, take a chance to sit and just write out all your questions, all the questions you want answered, and don't hold back. Lets shock the world with the questions we have, shock the people that we have questions for. Open up and finally ask why, how, when..etc. You can write anything you want, poem, short story, essay...etc. its your choice, so lets hear YOUR words YOUR questions. In the end we all have questions...good luck


a chance to have write all your questions out.


Clare Ashbury
Clare Ashbury
Binghamton, NY


82 Contestants
112 Submissions
Created Jun 21, 2007

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