Warm, Love poems:)  August 3, 2012 - August 13, 2012

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I may be in love! - [writing deleted]
A love that is warm:) - The Dancer
Expression of true love <3 - The Craving
Honorable mention - A Mirrored Image, Love Incarnate
Honerable mention - I have seen Love


I'm not in the mood for anything dark at the moment (its so weird for me haha) so give me love poems that make me feel warm. Talk about you're true love, express how they give you butterflies or spaks when they hold your hand. Dark stuff can be submitted though it must hold beauty and love somewhere in it. Happy writing my friends:)
**No mature writings can be submitted!!!!**


$0000000, a link to your story on my FB page and a review :D


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Lost in Wonderland
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