We're all just a little bit deranged...  October 11, 2009 - December 31, 2009

Contest Completed


First Place - With the Eyes of a SiNNeR
Second Place - Attention Defunct
Third Place - I, One of Three
Fourth Place - All of Me
Honourable Mention - Beauty Evermore
Honourable Mention - Excerpt One - Panic attack
Honourable Mention - Your Perfect Eyes


The theme of this contest is looking at things from the perspective of those whose perceptions of reality are different than the norm. In other words, I'm looking for the stories (and poems!) of:
~ psychopaths
~ serial killers
~ schizophrenics
~ those suffering from anxiety disorders
~ those suffering from PTSD
~ those suffering from, well, any psychological illness
~ anything else you can think of that would involve a different perception of reality (perhaps a psychic or a genetically altered human - really, it depends on the genre)

Now for additional notes:
~ Blood and gore is interesting, but is not necessarily gonna send you sky-rocketing to the top of the charts, nor is it going to send you plummeting to the bottom. It's up to your discretion, really.
~ When submitting your work, please mention which of the above your writing is inspired on. (For example, if you look at my poem The Rubies, it is inspired on an arrogant serial killer.)
~ Above all else, HAVE FUN! :D

(Woo, first time making a contest! This should be fun. :D)


$0.00, knowing you've stretched your creative muscles even more than before



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