We Are - Human Nature Poetry Contest  August 6, 2009 - October 6, 2009

Contest Completed


1st Place - The Olympics
2nd Place - The Human Way
3rd Place - The Things We Have Done
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]


This contest is for poems about the nature of mankind as a whole. Good, bad, and anywhere in between. Let me hear your point of view, your passion, your beliefs. Whether I agree with them or not doesn't matter, as long as it's written good and clearly expresses your passion.

For your prize I will definitely shelf your poem - though my profile isn't visited often - and offer whatever else I can. Among my few talents - other than writing - I can perform various levels of witchcraft, sew, draw, create signatures and avatars, edit music videos, and I am into all sorts of fandoms: Anime, Cartoons, Games, Movies, Books, you name it.


Shelved Poem, Service of Choice


Ryosei Takashi Hime
Ryosei Takashi Hime
Greenwood, SC


20 Contestants
20 Submissions
Created Aug 6, 2009

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