West Vriginia Poets  September 12, 2008 - September 26, 2008

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First Place for Menke Sonnet - THE BROKEN VIOLIN
Second Place for Menke Sonnet - WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN: 1945
West Virginia Poet of the Week - Rapture
Third place for Menke Sonnet - West Virginia Home - Menke entry


Welcome Poets and Writers who love WV!

Here is our Friday Morning Poetry Prompt for September 12, 2008. (Our sister group, Albert's Poetry Cafe will also have a similar "contest" going on using the ten word concept). Feel free to enter both!

This is a special contest--I'd like to honour a former mentor and teacher, Menke Katz this week. Menke was a wonderful person. He was an incredible poet and was distinugished as being the most widely published poet in America who published in both English and Yiddish. He was a kabbalist, lived in NY and loved everyone.

Menke created what is called, The Menke Sonnet, or Menke Triangle. That is our contest/challenge/prompt--to write a Menke sonnet, or triangle. You can use any theme (West Virginia would be nice).

Here are your "instructions":
A Menke Sonnet; also known as a �Menke Triangle� is an unrhymed
Poem that goes from 2-15 syllables or 15 to 2 syllables. It can be a Double
Menke Triangle: from 2-15 and 15 to 2 syllables.

Sweet Menke passed away in 1991. His work was published by Smith. To learn more about Menke, or to support his work posthumously by ordering his books, visit: http://www.dovidkatz.net/menke/menke_americana.htm
You will also see examples of Menke sonnets there.

Good Luck to everyone--and visit Albert's Cafe--ten word contest--for another attempt at Menke Sonnets using the ten words--you are welcome to enter both contests--with separate entries or the same entry!


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