What's Your Poison???  July 11, 2009 - July 25, 2009

Contest Completed


Best Overall - [writing deleted]
Most twisted take on the topic - Am I Beautiful Yet?
Good work..what step are you on? - blood and guts
Honorable Mention - You made this somehow funny - The heroin in Me
Honorable Mention - Most of us have been here - [writing deleted]
VERY Honorable Mention - I did not know you could be addicted to (fill in blank here) - Car-Say.


Submit a piece about anything that you have been addicted to or have seriously abused. I need real, honest stuff about how you've fed the demons inside you. Sex, Drugs, Food, etc.

Bleed for me on this one.


Have a drink (or whatever) on me


Jon Gary Frost
Jon Gary Frost
Nashville, TN


22 Contestants
22 Submissions
Created Jul 13, 2009

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