What About White?  July 8, 2012 - July 15, 2012

Contest Completed


Amazing! - I Am Winter
Wonderful! - Music never stops
Beautiful! - Woman in White
Graceful! - The Fairy Song
A true white poem - White
Pure poetry - The Swan
Without a stain - Your Guardian Angel
My special favorite - Scarlet Paints the Flower Bed


I created this contest in order to gather here poems about white. Many contests are about dark or black, let's unite here the whites! You don't have to use the word "white" in your poem. You can submit any kind of poetry as long as it has something in common with "white" or something suggested by this color - purity, winter, weddings, unicorns, etc.


Cristina Moldoveanu
Cristina Moldoveanu
Bucharest, Romania


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Created Jul 8, 2012