What I Didn't Say  June 1, 2012 - June 10, 2012

Contest Completed


1st Place Overall - Silence of Discontent
2nd Place Overall - The Liar and the Thief
3rd Place Overall - Melancholy
Most Relatable - [writing deleted]
Best Ending - poem: Even in a Hurricane
Most Gripping - A Letter You'll Never Read
Best Saddest Story - To My First Love
Best Saddest Poem - When There's Nothing Left To Say


Ever have those time when you should have said something but didn't? Or when you were in a fight and come up with a witty response later? Every one has those moments. So tell me about it. Be deep. Did it break you? Could it have changed your relationship with that person? Let's see :)


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Created Jun 2, 2012