What comes around, goes around  May 1, 2012 - May 11, 2012

Reading and Deliberating


As writers I'm sure you understand just how important motivation is. It's hard to get when you feel that no one is reading your work or giving you a review.

So I want to help you and myself to get some motivation and reviews.


1. Submit anything. Novel, poetry, screenplay, Chapter 57 that no one has read. I don't care. If you want a review on it, a review you shall have!

2. After submitting something SEND MY A MESSAGE ON WHAT YOU SUBMIT! If you've run a contest before, you know that you can't review unless you know the writer and where to find the writing to give it a review. If you do not give me a message, I can't review it and you won't get a review because I am not going to hunt for it. *sadface*

3. I ask from the bottom of my heart that you would give me the courtesy to review something of mine. I don't care if you just review a poem or one of my novels (though mega brownie points and an extra review if you review a chapter. ;D Come on you know you want to. ;D )

And those are the rules. Simple as that. Like I said you don't have to review something of mine but that would be awfully mean of you if you didn't. Feeling guilty yet? :P

A review for a review. The more people that enters, the more trophies I'll add.


$0.00, Everyone's a winner so anyone that submits something will get a review (as long as YOU send that message telling me what you submit.)


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Winner Winner
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