What do you see?  July 27, 2008 - August 27, 2008

Contest Completed


First Place - Enchanted dance
Second Place - I was december.
Third Place - Midnight Sky~Villanelle
Honorable Mention - Night Owl


When I read poetry, I see the images the words create in my mind. I take inspiration from music, emotions and art. The task at hand is to choose a picture and write a poem (all styles and lenghts of poetry are welcome but NO HAIKUS OR STORIES) that depicts, or takes inspiration from, your selected picture.

The picture should be an art piece, paintings, drawings, etc (any medium will do- digital, oil, pencil, ink..). But, you can use a photograph if you like. Along with your poem, make sure you post the picture you have chosen (you can also leave a link to the picture). To be clear, the picture can be the icon next to the title of your poem but it is a MUST to have a picture, or the link, in the same field as your poem is. There are a few contestants who have done this successfully. Ask them for instructions so that you may do the same. Any poem submitted without a picure in the proper place will be given a note to resubmit. I will not review until it is in its proper format.

The whole purpose of the image is so that I can see what you see. So, please make sure you submit accordingly.

There will not be any cash reward only ribbons and recognition. Personally, I find it challenging to take another persons' art and expression and make something of it through yourself and your own imagination and emotion. What do you see in the picture? What has happened? What will happen? What could happen? Most art tells a story, a feeling. Tell me that story...

Once a winner is chosen, I will open another contest with the same concept, but I will choose the picture. Then, the contest will be open to any one, even former contestants.

So, good luck, have fun and be visual with your words. I will judge based on use of imagery and relevance to the picture.

The contest will begin on July 27th and end on August 27th 2008. I will announce the winners on September 1st 2008.


Any questions, feel free to send me a message.


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