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What you can't see, Can't hurt you...Right?  September 18, 2007 - October 15, 2007

Contest Completed


Where are you? I need to give you your award - [writing deleted]
Nearly thought you had ran off, hard to find you there. - This Is The Me, That You Don\'t See
You tried, I found you eventually.Here is your prize. - The Goddess Trapped Inside


Stealth, the ability to travel unseen, to become but a shadow move about unchallenged.Stelth has many forms, sticking to the shadows, or using technology to become truly invisible.Maybe you prefer Social Stealth, the form of stealth where you are in full view yet remain hidden.

The stories you submit can be from any time period, Use any form of stealth known to you.All I ask is that the story relies on stelth.It cannot be something the story 'simply has stealth in it', Stealth is the most important thing to you when submitting.Remember that.




Niall Mulholland "
Niall Mulholland "
Moodiesburn, Glasgow, United Kingdom


Created Sep 18, 2007