When the Plot Bunnies come out to Play...  November 14, 2009 - December 1, 2009

Contest Completed


1st Place Winner - Someone Has Left A Window Open
2nd Place Winner - trick
3rd Place Winner - The Snail Prince
Honorable Mention - The Garden Of Tears
Honorable Mention - Butterfly
Honorable Mention - A Little Bird Broken


This contest is all about the creative and imaginative writing that's buried deep in the depths of your mind. All imaginary, or fiction writing is allowed, but can only be in Poems and short stories (3 pages long max). Let the plot bunnies inside your mind take over and write! Contest ends by the end of the month (November 30th 2009)


The Pride in knowing you have some kick ass Plot bunnies in your head


The Morbid The Merrier
The Morbid The Merrier
San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Created Nov 14, 2009