Who's got the best flair for co-writing a Blog tale on the Fly when in need?  July 16, 2017 - August 28, 2017

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I'm looking for 3 of the best. 3 of the very best people who are Novella and Literate. ones who specialize profoundly in Fan-fiction/Slight
Reality/Fantasy/Action/Adventure/High-school/Parody. I need the best... the Clan that i am friends with need the best in the field. The quickest and sharpest of minds.

So... The best 3 that step up... will be the sources... One being a co-writer... One being a Blog Tale Expert... the 3rd being an Idea Generator. But all will need to read the blog itself to catch themselves up to current speed...

For insight on all which is needed as the moment arises... Contact these people besides myself. My friend Blossom Rhapsody BlossomrhapsodyLightning@gmail.com, Zoey Rhapsody Zoeytinarhapsody1@gmail.com, Leslie T. Burke ritathehammer5@gmail.com All for specifications.

But the only restrictions are... NO SMUT! Any trace of Smut and it's expulsion. And no mending the words to hide the smut. It will still be forbidden. Besides that... Happy writing... Good luck to all. and let's see what you have to offer and put on the table.

And for anyone who is wondering what the name of the Blog tale is... it's: "The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!"


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Brainstorming source of all things Fan-fiction Brainstorming source of all things Fan-fiction
Blog tale Idea Conjurer. Blog tale Idea Conjurer.


Joanna Matilda Barlow
Joanna Matilda Barlow
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