Who am I????  January 28, 2013 - April 28, 2013

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You are totally AWESOME!!!!! - Who is this person
Your are BRILLIANT!!!! - The Roots Of Love
Your a smart cookie!!! - An ugly story
Your great!! - The Painter
Your pretty good! - Who Am I ?
Its good. - who am i?
You made me laugh. - Life's Treasures
You made a point. - One Father to Another
You made me feel something. - Girl of Ice
You almost got it. - Poem 14. The Happy Face


Write a poem or story about who you think I am whether it be fantasy or reality. This is a test to see how well you write on a short notice. I will comment on your story and if your the winner I'll comment on all your writing.

Come on people. I want to Know how good at writing you are! I can't do that if you don't take a risk and enter something.

Remember If your sending things in now then the Typic Is who you think I am I'm not going to disqualify any of the entries before this message But If you are entering a new piece of writing now then If you don't write who you think I am then you will be. (I am a girl just so everyone knows)

And have fun I won't judge what you make me look like or into or anything like that. You can even say bad stuff about me If you really want.(though it might make me sad) I will NOT disqualify you for that.


Comment on all your writing.


Lino Rie
Lino Rie
Williams, MN


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