Who here's the best?  May 17, 2012 - December 31, 2012

Reading and Deliberating


People tell me I'm a fantastic poet, storyteller/writer, and lyricist. But I know for certain I'm not the best out there. And just as certain that I'm not the best on this website. This is a contest where you simply showcase your ONE best work. Be it poetry, story, song, etc...

No cash awards. Sorry...
There are 10 placings. So even if you think you're not that good, enter anyway. You may still win one!!

I don't care if your writing is long. Just make sure it isn't too long. I do have, somewhat of, a life.

***For people already submitted (first nine)
PS: Loved every submission so far!! As of now, I marked you all as "not so good" because I made a mistake by marking everyone good and I didn't realize it was putting them all in the "finalists." Rest assured: your writings are indeed exellent but I made a foolish mistake. Even if it says it's marked in "not so good," the ones in there (which are the first 9 submissions) are all fantastic. You all havea great shot at winning. This will be hard. But just rest assured that my mistake will NOT cost you a placing.



$0.0, Bragging rights, knowing your the best, letting others know you're the best


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