Why Try?  May 3, 2010 - May 10, 2010

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First Place - When You Are In War
Second Place - [writing deleted]
Third Place - The journey
Fourth Place - Invisible Heart
Fifth Place - Wastelands
Sixth Place - The Next Big Thing
Seventh Place - siren love song of the broken
Eighth Place - Assumed Dignity


Sometimes when you get so beaten down you are sure you can't get back up. I've been through a lot of these momments, but why? Why, when we feel total emptiness, and despair, do we keep trying? I have a few of my own answers to this question, but I want to hear yours. Write a poem, story, or a book either about you feeling this way and why you get back up, or a character feeling this way and why they would get back up. Have fun with it and do your best!



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Created May 3, 2010