Winged Poetry  September 28, 2010 - October 4, 2010

Contest Completed


Best Winged Poetry - Ode to a meadowlark
Best New Writer - Morning song
Most Reviewed Poem - [writing deleted]
Most New Reviews - [writing deleted]


I see birds and butterflies starting their fall migration and I thought they deserved the gift of poetic words. Any poetry about birds, butterflies or other creature that flies will be considered. Extra consideration will be given to poetry that includes migration.

I am trying something new. One ribbon goes to the poem with the most reviews, to make this fair I am going to average the reviews out per month (or week if there is a newly written poem submitted). Another ribbon goes to new writers, only writers who have not won a contest may receive this ribbon.

I will send out the list of poems submitted to this contest so that you may read them and "vote" for your favorites if you want to.


I will read and review every submitted poem.


Desert Dreamer
Desert Dreamer
Sonoran Desert, AZ


9 Contestants
9 Submissions
Created Sep 28, 2010

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