Winter Poetry Competition  September 29, 2013 - December 8, 2013

Contest Completed


Master of Poetry: Overall Champion - To My Dylan
Emotions - Death's Caress
Deep Thinker - 11:43pm Sept. 29, 2013
Sadness - Inner Struggle
Story-In-A-Poem - The Ballad of the Silver Crown
Stirs Something Deep Within Me... - I Will Wait For You
Vividly Beautiful - The Winter Room
Song of Beauty - ''8:24''
Honorable Mention - My Heart Needs a Home
Honorable Mention - I am Penthos (Grief)


Any poetry is welcome! This competition is rated EVERYONE, so no inappropriate things (you know what I'm talking about). Different awards will be offered for different categories: Overall Champion, This Makes me Think Prize, Hilarious Award, Emotions Award, Story--in--A--Poem Award, and others. There will be another competition in Spring for the ones who won awards. Good luck writing! (Submit up to 4 pieces of your best). :D


$0.00, Ribbon/Medal, Bragging Rights.


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