Winters Bones  December 10, 2011 - January 2, 2012

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HEY U GUYS!!! GET READY TO PARTY AND WRITE TONIGHT!!!!! So sorry about that, anyways, this competition is about winter and Christmas and that sorta thing! So write your heart out!!! Good Luck! Titles to be won!!
I wrote a little bit myself!!

Winters fingers lash across the world,
Freezing it in ice,
The world is a snowy blanket,
Not sure if that is bad or nice!

The snow piles up high around my boots,
The wind whipping my face,
As it snows even more,
My footprints you cannot trace.

If you copy that, you will not be granted anything and will be diss missed!


Lady Winter Lady Winter
Lord Winter Lord Winter
Madam Winter Madam Winter
Master Winter Master Winter
Princess Winter Princess Winter
Prince Winter Prince Winter
Queen Winter Queen Winter
King Winter King Winter


Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom


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