Words to Live by  August 13, 2008 - September 14, 2008

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Follow the leader (1st) - For Them
Helping hand (2nd) - Judge\\\'s Quarrel
Welcomed wisdom (3rd) - Layers
True-life teacher (4th) - [writing deleted]
Lessons learned (5th) - They Smile Too
Deep thinker (6th) - [writing deleted]
Prudently Parading (7th) - They Think
Words to live by (8th) - L O S T
Words to live by (9th) - Anonymity in Three
Words to live by (10th) - For there's a little angel in your heart
Words to live by (11th) - the color you call blue..
Words to live by (12th) - To the Poets
Words to live by (13th) - Worth Its Weight
Words to live by (14th) - Never Forget
Words to live by (15th) - Dance Fly Live. Defy Gravity.
Words to live by (16th) - [writing deleted]


We, as writers, were given a gift of words. Do you write using wisdom or flow for fun? Let's get serious. What lessons do you have to teach the world?
[Note: I'm looking for advice written in poetic words. -not problems you've had. Unless, of course, it's about you overcoming your obsticles.]


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