Write, Write, Write!  June 29, 2016 - July 10, 2016

Contest Completed


FIRST PLACE - question
THIRD PLACE - A mothers passing
Fourth Place HONORARY MENTION - Pink Petals
Fifth Place HONORARY MENTION - Alive but not living.
Sixth Place HONORARY MENTION - Yellow Skies
Seventh Place HONORARY MENTION - [writing deleted]
Eighth Place HONORARY MENTION - `Time Revisited`


Write anything you want, send whatever you think is your best. Please don't send more than 5 poems or 1 story/essay/etc. The story, however, shouldn't be extremely long (1000-5000 is preferred). And if you send an excerpt, please make it so that it can stand alone as a complete story.
There will be 3 winners, and there will be 5 honorary mentions.
I will send to the first three winner (if they want) photocopies of the workshopped texts though e-mail. The texts will be workshoped by me and by three other friends (published and everything), so that you will be getting 4 copies of the same text workshopped by four different people. To the other Honorary Mentions, I will give some feedback in a couple of paragraphs.

PS: Each poem counts as one, so if you send 4 horrible poems and 1 great one, you could win for that one great poem.


$0.00, Feedback, and workshop to the three winners


Sebastian Romero
Sebastian Romero
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