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Write Of The Month-March, 2010  March 1, 2010 - March 31, 2010

Contest Completed


Write Of The Month-March - Shadow Mural
Honourable Mention - Smiles
Honourable Mention - Sully Turner


This is a tester, I'm going to run it concurrently for a couple of months, just to see the reactions and how it fares. Hopefully it will give writers a regular dose of exposure, and open up your writing for more reviews. It can be any genre and type, although if submitting books or longer pieces, try not to give me the whole thing, just an excerpt or a chapter will do, for it to work on a monthly basis I need to be able to get through the writing efficiently.


The usual kudos of a ribbon.


Max Murphy
Max Murphy
United Kingdom


17 Contestants
17 Submissions
Created Feb 21, 2010