Write a letter to your inspiration...  April 24, 2012 - May 1, 2012

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Most loving and heartfelt letter - [writing deleted]
Beautiful and relly from the heart - The Letter
Truly heartfelt - The Beatles-An Everlasting Legacy


Write a letter to your inspiration!! It could be a poem, dear... or anything you like! for your mum, granddad, JK Rowling, Tracy beaker or even a TV character! anyone you like as long as it is heartfelt and to your real inspiration. If you wanna be a scientist and are inspired by Einstein don't feel embarrassed and feel like you must write to joey off friends! do what you like! i hope you like my idea and come up with something unique and truly meaningful. xx i will vote the best ones as the ones i think are most heartfelt xx :) don't worry about your style of writing or how many metaphors you use-just tell the truth, i love that xx

The limit is 1 because it's to your true inspiration! xxxx enjoy and happy writing!


(if you write to Jaqueline wilson and you win 1st i'll email it to her) and all winners get it shared with my friends as always!


Daniela May
Daniela May
Thats for me to know and you not to :P, United Kingdom


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