Write a short story from the point of view of your opposite....  March 18, 2012 - March 25, 2012

Contest Completed


Most creative - One More Drink
Very creative - Womb Snatchers
Creative - Breaking Fall
Best overall(1st) - Milagro
Extremely good(2nd) - See You There
Definately a good read(3rd) - Even An Angel Can Fall
Honorable mention - The Pianist


For example: If you are a 14 year old girl who lives with your mum then write it 14 years into the future from the POV of a 28 year old man who is married with kids. It sounds weird but it's an exercise i have heard of to write outside of your comfort zone. Hope you like it and enter :) x thanks x


An in depth review of your story


Daniela May
Daniela May
Thats for me to know and you not to :P, United Kingdom


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Created Mar 18, 2012

Mary Jo. Clare
My works are based off my real thoughts and experiences. Please allow yourself to truly experience and relate to them!
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