Write an Action Sequence!  January 31, 2014 - January 7, 2014

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Read the title, dummies! Action sequences, I find, are the most difficult to convey in literature. You see movies and think, "Oh, he punched him." But, that doesn't suffice in literature. Write an action sequence, starting with a confrontation between two characters, and ending in... Well, you get to decide that: Whether it be a cliffhanger, a death, a surrender, a truce, what have you. Any form of action works: swordplay, gunplay, war, arena, martial arts, boxing, or what have you.


$0.00, Satisfaction, the one thing Mick Jagger could not attain


The Best, around. Nothing is ever going to take this person down. The Best, around. Nothing is ever going to take this person down.


Brandon Langley
Brandon Langley
Virginia Beach, VA


Created Jan 31, 2014

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