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I began writing the following story, based on a dream I had. There is just one problem, however. I woke up before I could find out what happened. I challenge you to write an ending. Tell me what happens next. Be creative and original. Make it scary, suspenseful, sad, give it a romantic twist, make it a mystery, etc. It is up to you.

1. It must pick up where I left off.
2. Try to keep it under 8,000 words, but if you may write more if you need more to form a good ending, just don't make a book out of it, please. (This is just to enable me to read through all submissions relatively quickly.)
3. Keep it PG-13 or under.
4. Avoid overdone subjects, such as vampires. If you choose such subjects, please be creative and give it an original slant. (In other words, no Twilight copy-cats.)

After the contest concludes I will post my own ending.

Lilith made her way down the dusty road, her Converse shoes crunching loudly on the white rock. Rolling hills surrounded her, covered in tall dry grass. Low grey clouds were beginning to form overhead.
Lilith adjusted the duffle bag on her shoulder and brushed her auburn hair out of her eyes. She braced herself and started her ascent up the steep incline of the hill ahead. Her legs and feet ached and she was tempted to stop and rest, but a low rumble in the distance urged her on.
The boy at the crossroads a couple of miles back had told her about the old house on the other side of this hill. “Just a little further,” she told herself, “and I can rest there for the night.”
The wind picked up as she approached the top of the hill. On the other side was a gradual decline. She felt relief at this discovery, as she was not sure if she could handle another steep slope. At the base of the hill was a flat plain that stretched out as far as she could see. Waist high grass blew back and forth in waves, like a golden sea. About 200 yards ahead of her stood a lone tree, swaying in the wind, and just beyond it loomed a dark two story, Gothic Victorian house. The wooden shingle siding was grey with age and it looked as though a strong gust might blow it away. The white rock road ran along the top of the hill and then disappeared down the edge of another sharp hillside about a quarter of a mile to her left.
Lilith readjusted her bag again and stepped off the road into the tall grass. She took a deep breath of the dry warm air and caught the brief scent of an approaching rain.
She began to move through the waves of brown reeds toward the old house. It was obvious this building had stood neglected for many years and Lilith wondered what she might find hiding inside and if it could even weather the impeding storm. Would if keep her warm and dry though the night or would she be just as well sleeping outside in the open?
She held out her hands and ran them along the tops of the grass as she walked. A gust picked up as the approached the lonely tree. It whipped back and forth in the wind and the leaves rattled loudly. She began moving more quickly as she felt a light cool sprinkle on her face. The storm clouds closed in overhead and the air quickly turned greyer.
She finally reached the large front porch of the house. The wood cracked loudly as she carefully stepped onto it. She dropped her bag with a loud thud. Lilith took the brass doorknob in her hand and turned, prepared to have to fight to get the door open. The swollen wood hesitated a moment and then the door flung open. Lilith lost her balance and grabbed the doorframe to keep from falling down.
A loud bang overhead startled her and she cried out sharply. Lightning flashed and another crash of the thunder sounded. Lilith chuckled at herself, nervously.
Large rain drops had begun pelting the ground and blowing in on the porch. She grabbed her bag and rushed quickly into the house, closing the heavy door behind her, closing herself into the darkness.


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