Write me This (Bundles)  June 3, 2015 - December 29, 2015

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For this 'Write me This' contest, I'll provide ten 'bundles' of five random words, places, verbs etc., of which you will pick ONE bundle and write a story or poem using every word in the bundle. Again, pick only ONE of the ten bundles. If you write on multiple bundles, I will reject your story. The point of this is to see what you can come up with when given a certain set of words.

ONLY STORIES OR POEMS! If it's a story, it needs to be at most 800 words.

In order to be judged, put the bundle number in the title. If you don't I will automatically reject your story. Since these are random words, it will be difficult for me to figure out which bundle you wrote on unless you put it in the title, and I would hate to have to reject a story you worked hard on to write for a silly reason like that.

It can be as simple as "Bundle 1- Title". Or something like that.

Onto the bundles! :)

Bundle 1: Work, spinach, tree, hate, wind.

Bundle 2: Poem, cat, tea, car, Indiana.

Bundle 4: Woman, chair, door, poster, template.

Bundle 5: Lamp, floor, dust, window, swirl.

Bundle 6: red, mushroom, doorknob, Greece, ocean.

Bundle 7: Fluff, blue, cup, poignant, photo.

Bundle 8: picture, shatter, foot, grass, test

Bundle 9: building, run, hair, ice, trunk

Bundle 10: wire, green, highlighter, scream, Louisiana.

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! :)



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