Write me This (Prompts II)  June 2, 2015 - April 30, 2016

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Round II of the Prompts contest! This contest will work just the same as the last one: you will write a 1,000-1,500 word story on one of ten prompts that I will list below.

Remember: if the number of the prompt is not in the title YOUR STORY WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REJECTED! Also, if you submit a story that is not based on the prompts, I will reject that too.

Again, apologies for sounding harsh, but I would hate to reject a story that you worked hard on to write. And it's also not fair to other contestants who put effort into writing up a short story on a prompt if you submit a story that has nothing to do with the contest. Don't expect to win if you do either of those things.

Putting your prompt number in the title is as simple as "Prompt 1- Title" or some variation thereof.

That's enough of that, now onto the prompts!

Prompt 1: It's a rainy night. You look out the window and you see someone standing on your porch. It's you from the past.

Prompt 2: Throw your character into a different culture, where all the qualities he's ever been praised for are frowned upon instead.

Prompt 3: A character returns to their hometown and soon comes face-to-face with their so called 'high-school' sweetheart. Only thing is, the character has no memory of this 'sweetheart'.

Prompt 4: Your character receives a note written to him from him in his own handwriting.

Prompt 5: Write a story on the question: how do you destroy a monster without becoming one?

Prompt 6: Write about a character who lives in a world where in order to achieve your dreams you must shatter the dreams of others.

Prompt 7: Write a scene where a man sees his true love at a wedding with someone else and end the scene with someone's murder. Only one person dies.

Prompt 8: Write a story on this conversation: "You're on the verge of death!" "But I don't understand. What is 'death'?"

Prompt 9: Everyone in the world wears a warning label. Yours is blank.

Prompt 10: You're home alone and you sneeze. Suddenly, the phone rings and you answer, then someone whispers, "Bless you" and hangs up.

Good luck! :)



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