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Read the notes below, a little poem about entwined hearts.

Write me a story....^^  October 25, 2010 - January 3, 2011

Contest Completed


Honorary God of Discord - How to Outlive Your Opponent
Demi-God - On the Edge of Darkness - Act 1: If I Become But A Memory...
God-like - Even An Angel Can Fall
High Priest in the Order of Discord - Disadvantages of Immortality
Devout Follower of the Order of Discord - Mixed Signals (1)
Friend of Followers of the Order of Discord - Saepe Expertus- Chapter Fifteen


about turmoil. It can be inside one person, or between people, or it can be some terrible event. It can be resolved at the end, or not, but it better be there, and in a big way.

Stories and Poetry are preferred.


$0.00, The title of Honorary God or Goddess of Discord



16 Contestants
24 Submissions
Created Oct 24, 2010