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Outstanding - There are three children(PROMPT 6)
It was great - [writing deleted]
Good, but try harder - Poor Marie


Pick one of these prompts and write about it. It must be in a story and make it creative. Please include your prompt in your title. Have fun and please nothing sexual


1. Write about something ugly — war, fear, hate, or cruelty–but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.

2. The asteroid was hurtling straight for Earth…

3. There’s a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper…

4. He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw…

5. The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said…

6. There are three children sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says…

7. The most beautiful smile I ever saw…

8. A twinkling eye can mean many things. Start with a twinkle in someone’s eye and see where it takes you.

9. Good versus evil. Do they truly exist? Are there gray areas? Do good people do bad things?

10. And you thought dragons didn’t exist…

The story can be as long as you want it to be, and if turns out into a book, then you've got one creative mind. But I will still accept it, and read it.
Please do include Prompt name in title as well. Or it will be REJECTED! Please have prompt in parenthesis next to the title.


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