Write what comes to mind!  February 21, 2013 - February 24, 2013

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1st place - lil horror child
2nd place - Locked Up Away!
3rd place - I Want to Kill You


You can use a combination of these as well if you choose. Any writing is permitted.

1. An Earth where fantasy creatures and humans coexist naturally.
2. After waking, Sleeping Beauty is pregnent and it seems the castle was asleep for centuries. All the kingdoms around them assumed their patch of land was just wilderness.
3. Write about someone who is possessed for the first time.
4. A girl sits alone in a white room with only a bucket in front of her. She writes a name on the wall. What's in the bucket, who is it, and why does she write it?
5. Write a poem of what you believe happens after death.


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