Writer Cafe's Next Top Writer  March 21, 2012 - March 22, 2012

Contest Completed


1st Place - ~ Sex and Tea
2nd Place - Pull the Plug
3rd Place - Our Passion Doeth Roar
4th Place - The Raven, a Co-Write with Sheila Kline
5th Place - Friends
6th Place - Valley Trail
7th Place - Fast Love
8th Place - [writing deleted]
9th Place - Never!
10th Place - Wherefore weep you?


13th Edition of WCNTW.

The 10 finalists are voted upon, so please follow vote for the best. You are the panel of judges and with this honor comes the responsibility.

I am now accepting short stories as well though poems will still be primary.

Ongoing contest with rankings, enter a poem every 1-2 days. Minimum 35 submissions.

Submit a poem now while it's early, it might get hard to score in a month if contestants grow as I predict.

What kind of poems will rank?

- original explorations of common themes
- bonus points for erotic or spiritual verse
- a good vocabulary
- unexpected endings
- rhyming or decent haiku
- self-important and highly stylized verse
- it must be readable, not too long
- clear, melodic and lyrical
- not too emo or brooding to the point of sounding immature
- bonus points for nature poetry
- bonus points for social-activism themes

* Do please avoid putting a poem you already put into the rankings.

* Do please avoid signing your name, this is very distracting and is not fair to the anonymity of the contest.

oh and thanks!



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