WritersCafe TOP WRITERS COMPETE  March 21, 2012 - March 30, 2012

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Top Writer - In the Shadow of the Guard
Second Place - Once We Were Giants
Third Place - My Dream
Fourth Place - Cops & Robbers
Fifth Place - Blood, Sweat, and Black Tears
Sixth Place - Call Me


Get out of your holes! Grab your coffee, smokes, and whip out your laptops and get typin'! This means you PoppySilver, Poetic Justice, Kaotic Barbie, FlawedByDesign, Anna, Sarah Mercury, Sean M. Addams, Sethnicity, Chloe, Coyote Poetry, Craig Froman, Poetic Fluffer, Jamie S, Crowley, and everyone else that would fill this page up. By voters choice! Lets have fun! Cheers


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