WHAT AM I?: Nephilim WHAT AM I?: Nephilim
A teen boy gets killed, but trades his soul for another chance. He changes. A girl notices the new boy with silver eyes.

Writing Challange!! Do it!  February 9, 2010 - February 28, 2010

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Perfect - WINTER 2010
There - [writing deleted]
Almost there - DANCING FOREVER


I'd like you to write a poem with this style of writing:

"Caring heart
harmless start
gentle love did fly

Longing glances
taking chances
riding on this high

Tender kiss
ageless bliss
my soul set ablaze

Timeless trust
unspoken lust
dare to ne're part ways

Without a fear
nota tear
such a love so right..."

The syllables do not have to match one over or under is fine. However the first two lines have to rhyme and the third line of one stanza has to rhyme with the third line of the next stanza.

You need to have a minimum of 6 stanzas.


Feeling accomplishment!


Inspired Raven
Inspired Raven
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