Written Just For You!  August 24, 2009 - October 2, 2009

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For Me?? Thank you so much - Suppose
You shouldn - Just a few heartbeats away
Really, just for me? - [writing deleted]
Who else did you wirte this for? - [writing deleted]
Is it really for me? - [writing deleted]
Thank you, that - [writing deleted]
You REALLY shouldn't - Heal Me
One Nice Gift - Baby Bella
Better Than a lot - Memory #262
Time to Evaluate - [writing deleted]
Not Selfish - Finding the Words
Nice Work - [writing deleted]
Candidly Yours - Casino Royale
All Your Thoughts - Boundless Love
Entering Painless - I Still Love You
Placing, Pricelsess - I Just Don\'t Want to Lose You
Good show - Numbers that matter to me.
REally, Wow! - poem: Bringer of All Things Good
Better than most - Excerpt from \"The Day the Leaves Trembled\"
Finally, one of the top 20! - Good Morning


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George Love
George Love
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