YOUR BEST POP FANTASY CONTEST  October 9, 2009 - December 31, 2009

Reading and Deliberating


I would like to see your best short-short fantasy piece. I will be looking at many things to judge this contest; I will be looking at theme, description, effective exposition, style and GRAMMER! Yes grammer. A publish will not look at a Pop Fiction story if it has more than four grammatical errors, and neither will I. These stories should between 300 and 750 words and maybe juvenile to bluntly erotic(with taste please). This should be a great challange to those who believe they have the honor to face this task, but the question remains do you have the courage?


$0.00, The honour of becoming a more effective and engaging writer by working on your story telling.


Gandalf Gandalf



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Created Oct 9, 2009

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