YOUR LIFE IN "SIX WORDS" CONTEST  February 28, 2015 - March 10, 2015

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1st PRIZE - Depression
2ND PRIZE - Metallography
3RD PRIZE - LP#1 03/07/2015 - hope
4TH PRIZE - My Life in Six Words


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FOR SALE, BABY SHOES NEVER WORN." To remark on the spareness of Ernest Hemingway's prose style has become a sixth-form commonplace; but never was that style so spare as in this nugget, written to win a ten-dollar bet that he couldn't write a short story in just six words.

Following this concept write in SIX words something that describes your LIFE.

Below are some more examples of what is required for this contest.

Chainsmoking Scot, made living from death
Andrew McKie, Telegraph obituaries editor

Five novels; two kids; insufficient sex
Louise Doughty, novelist

Everyone who loved me is dead
Ellen Fanning

Fifteen years since last professional haircut
Dave Eggers, novelist

I like big butts; can't lie
Dave Russ

They attacked, we survived; let's eat
Charles Hollander

Bad brakes discovered at high speed
Johan Baumeister

Fancied self as haiku. Was clerihew
Sam Leith, Telegraph literary editor

Still breathing, too early to tell
Simon Heffer, Telegraph columnist

Have fun and Happy writing!



Please do take the time to read some of the other writer's submissions to the challenge.

Thank you!

Helena :)


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