You Bring Out The ????? In Me  July 11, 2007 - July 14, 2007

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Read YOU BRING OUT THE MUSIC IN ME, found below, and write a poem with a similar title following that structure, for example, it could be a poem entitled YOU BRING OUT THE TEACHER IN ME. There are some more specific guidelines as follows:
You must include 1 Historical Allusion
You Must Include 1 Literary Allusion
You Must Include 1 Religious Allusion
You Must Use a foreign language that is from a culture such as spanish, or technical such as musical language.

Have Fun With THis one and good luck!

Here is the poem to follow:

You bring out the music in me,
Songs sung under pouring rain,
my heart--- treble clef----
ladder inside chambers of memory .

You bring out the Metallica in Me.
A drinker and a lover,
hallucinogens; I love to cry.
The memories of brothers,
who in unison, fell and died.

You bring out the mute trumpet in me.
A chain, keeps me from blaring,
a mute trumpet I�m heard,
never over bleeding drums, lonely clarinets, or tearful saxophones.
And when I die,
Raven will sing, �Nevermore!�
nothing more, a tempo, 208-260,life is prestissimo.

You bring out the composer in me,
every woodwind and brass under instruction,
every life followed by direction.
A baton floating in air,
rhythms with palpitating hearts.
A tempo, 168-208, perfect presto, in �.

You bring out half note beats in me.
The half quarter note,
You bring out the musician in me,
a bass clef-----a ladder----to end
the beat, a tempo 120-168, in allegro�s eternity.

You bring out the C chord in me.
Three strings picked,
index caressing first fret, second string,
just as me you'll never share in melody.

You bring out the 4/4 time in me,
perfect tempo,
Saint's Holy Oil,
annointing me.


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Created Jul 11, 2007