You call that Action?  June 9, 2007 - June 15, 2007

Contest Completed


Explosively Action-packed-1st Place - [writing deleted]
Quick and exciting-2nd Place - [writing deleted]
Fast-paced action-3rd Place - [writing deleted]


submit your action, don't want any of that rambling narration or the quirky oddities of the character...see how well you can get straight into the action, blasting a picture into the mind's eye, keep the reader from skipping a word--unless its because they're reading so fast because they want to see what happens next. Doesn't have to be car chases, explosions, or sword-fights either--just a telling moment where your protagonist feels like he/she's about to crumple


Rylan Batten
Rylan Batten
Jefferson City, MO


Created Jun 9, 2007

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