Your' Lies  September 1, 2008 - September 15, 2008

Contest Completed


1st place! The Terrible Truth - Dysfunction
2nd place! The Harsh Truth - [writing deleted]
3rd place! Uncovered Lies - QWERTYUIOP
4th place! Brutal Honesty - [writing deleted]
5th place! Truthful Deceit - Watercolors


Submit your' poems about a huge deception in your' life, your family, friends, the world around you, etc. It can be on a large scale as in conspiracies and so on, or personal scale such as cheating partners or just being told everything would be okay when it really wouldn't. but also, if you wish, how sometimes we need them. if it had an impact on somebody, and it was dishonest, write it.

PLEASE STAY ON SUBJECT. Not to sound rude or abrasive, but often times people submit completlely irrelevant pieces, and even though they are often fantastic works of art, i have to reject them, and if you are going to write it as a metaphor, please make it at least a little obvious as to what you're talking about. Also, you only have till the 15th! I will reopen the contest if there aren't a whole lot of submissions by then, but it should be over by then! Thank you.


The awards! bragging rights, and more exposure on the site from your work being viewd hopfully more often.


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D. Nelson
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