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Your BEST character...  October 5, 2008 - October 20, 2008

Contest Completed


I LOVE THIS CHARACTER!!! I want him/her for my own!!! - The Fairer Side of the Sunset
Awesome; very believable! I'm absolutely enthralled by him/her! - The Chronicles of Bob
Absolutely enchanting character! - A Twist of Love, Temptation, and Heart Break: Sinclair\'s Story
Hey... Sounds like someone I would think up! - Heart Break
I wish I thought of him/her first! - In My Head
Not bad at all. =D - The Harsh Truth of Time


Okay, I'm not asking you to write a whole new poem/story/whatever...
But if you write, you probably have a character you're partial to (I love Chace and Ben from Remembering Ryan). Enter the piece of writing with that character and I'll pick MY favorite character out of YOUR favorite characters!!!


You don't need to know where I live...


6 Contestants
8 Submissions
Created Oct 5, 2008