Your Best  July 31, 2012 - August 4, 2012

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The Best of the Best - Blue
The Best - I'm not perfect
Bestseller, Has To Be! - A Gun ain't a Sword
You Are Great! - Unwanted Symphony
Loved it! - [writing deleted]
Something to be Proud of - [writing deleted]
You are truly Appreciated - One night
I Can see why This is your Favorite - My space
Very good! - Farewell To The Sea
You are Ranked Above Satisfactory! - Warmth


No books or haiku's please!
Every real writer has a piece of work that they are unbelievably proud of. If you have a ton of stories and poems, while only one stands out to you, then please enter it here. You can even submit your favorite two.

This happens to me sometimes, but it might happen to you, too. I write my very best work and I'm bursting with pride, but nobody else believes it's my best. They think another piece of work of mine is the best. Well, this will help you feel better about your work, because it's not compared to your other pieces, but to other people's best work. Good luck! And remember that all writing is appreciated and at least one person in the world likes it!


$0.00, The great feeling that your best work through your eyes is the same as your best work through everyone else's!


C.A. Lucas
C.A. Lucas
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