Your Genre #5: Children's Story  August 1, 2016 - August 19, 2016

Contest Completed


Best Children's Book Author - [writing deleted]


Make a children's story! It can be anything you want this time. Fictional, nonfictional, just as long as it's OK for children. You can sign up for and publish it there, as well as here on You don't get any codes this time. We will message you with a few easy magickal spells, as well. Belief, confidence, energy, and enlightenment is important to make it work!
Write a fascinating story that excites and overjoys children. Who knows? It could be the next New York Times Bestseller bedtime story! Writing's like a magick spell or a wish. It comes true with belief.
It can be a book or story.


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Celeste Lucy Zaveri
Celeste Lucy Zaveri
Germantown, MD


Created Jun 26, 2016