Your Life Story  December 28, 2015 - January 31, 2016

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Ok! Well, can you please write a story about your hardest life trials, it's ok if it's long and elaborate. I made one too and while thinking about it I want to hear from other people, and their problems. I think it would be best to be careful what content you put in it.
-No swearing (or please have it censored)
-Include how you feel.
-Include a current times at the end
-Name it "My Life Story : ___________"
Remember suggestions are just suggestions! I think I will give the first ten a little winner medal thingy to keep it a little private and unbiased. Please remember different circumstances and different ways people were raised gives them a different reaction to events, so DO NOT discriminate or put people down. I really just want to listen to other's stories, and if you want an example look at my story on my profile.


$0000.00, Having an intent listener



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Created Dec 30, 2015