Your Life  August 5, 2007 - August 12, 2007

Contest Completed


Winner (Featured Author) - [writing deleted]
2nd Place ( Maybe next week) - The Ritual of Two Strangers
3rd Place (Every dog has his day) - [writing deleted]
4th Place (Great Job) - [writing deleted]
5th Place (Nice effort) - [writing deleted]


If anyone has read anything of mine you know that I write about experiences I have had, I can rarely make things up out of the blue (my writing will suck when my life isn't so chaotic!). Well, for this contest I want you to write something about your life. It can be your bigest secret, a childhood memory, a recent break-up. Anything at all as long as I can feel that you put a piece of your heart into it because that is always what happens when I write about my life!


Featured for a week in Anti-Rhyme Time



Created Aug 5, 2007

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