Your Nobel Prize  September 4, 2008 - November 25, 2008

Contest Completed


Official Saint - The Brick\'n
Sainthood Becomes You - Stranger Angel
Wannabe Saint - Think of Someone Else Today
fourth place - [writing deleted]
fifth place - smile my way
Honorable Mention - The Noble Prize for Kindness
Honorable Mention - Piece Of Heaven
Honorable Mention - Magnum Opus
Honorable Mention - Don\'t Live on that Street, No-More
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - I'm a Stuttering Ape


(originally called Everyday Saints)
You put it all on the line to stand up for your principles or your beliefs and you never gave it a second thought; nor did anyone else for that matter. This is your chance to tell your story about you or someone you know and get the recogntion you or the someone you know deserves. Religious topics are welcome but not necessary. It can be anything to do with general kindness, generosity or selflessness towards others.





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23 Submissions
Created Sep 4, 2008