Your Very Best Poem!  March 2, 2012 - March 8, 2012

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Best poem ever! - Tattoo My Soul
My personal favorite! - [writing deleted]
I can't believe you're on this site instead of being a full time author/poet - Evil Rising
Wow! How good can you get?! - Break
You've got some serious skills! - Broken Deep Inside (original)
Go publish this so I can buy it in a book! - [writing deleted]
Wait, you sure you're not a prodegy? - I've Lost My Reflection
This makes me feel like I write child's poetry! - Unrequited Love
Come on, now I just feel inadequate! - Grace
Ok, ok. You proved it, you're way better than I could ever be! - My Dear, You're Smiling..


I want just one of your poems, but not just any one, your VERY BEST one. That one that you've always prided youself on. The one that came as a great inspiration or epiphany. I don't care what it's about! I just want the best :)


I will feature the winners in my profile for two weeks in hopes that it will gain them more reviews and respect on this site.



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